Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm in Love: Urban Renewal by Urban Outfitters

Urban Renewal is a collection at Urban Outfitters that features vintage clothing that is reworked to create new garments. The Urban Renewal collection has some unique pieces. Here are some of my favorite pieces from this collection:

Levi's Cutoff Mini

This Levi's Cutoff Mini is one of my favorites because it's not just a plain mini skirt. This skirt was made from a vintage pair of broken in Levi's jeans. I love how the pockets hang out the bottom which gives it a kind of sloppy look. This would look great over a pair of leggings. www.urbanotfitters.com
Western Halter Tunic

This western halter tunic is made from vintage westerns. I have always loved western style ,this shirt just gives a classic shirt a modern day edge. This would look perfect with dark denim. $48.00 http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/

Cinch Front Tube Dress

This Cinch Front Tube dress is made from vintage gauze skirts. It can be worn as a tube or halter dress. The floral pattern has a vibrant colors. I love it. $48.00 www.urbanoutfitters.com

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