Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Stylish Pieces: Graphic Music Tees

I brought a Run DMC tee last season, and will be wearing it again in the fall. Show your music taste through your clothing. Wear Graphic Music Tees with skinny jeans, and your favorite accessories.

The Police Junk Food Tee $82.52

Run DMC Tee $22.00 RollingStone Tee $32.50

Duran Duran Tee $17.80


CoutureCarrie said...

Hey sweetie! I love vintage rocker tees.
As for the magenta strapless, what is your budget? On the really inexpensive end, there's this Forever 21 tube dress:
Also, J. Crew has some fabulous strapless dresses.
Another way you can search this is by going on polyvore and searching strapless frocks and clicking on the exact color you are looking for... Hope this helps!

Wendy said...

That Rolling Stone tee is so rad!


my dear stylish friend,

before i go to bed, i wanted to warn my friends : be aware ! my last photos could give you the desire to fall in love with Paris and move in ! lol.

cheers from Paris

ps : if you want to switch links, i'll be glad of course.
Let's keep in touch !


* Fashion Dreamer * said...

I looove vintage band tees, perfect to dress down a little skirt.

Style Syrup said...

I like vintage band tee's with a blazer. I also prefer when people know the band/singer and actually like them. Although I'm not fanatical or anything I just think it is a lttle more authentic.

Style Addict said...

Any band tee that I purchase, I either love or have some knowledge of the band.

Blicious said...

i love vintage tees! you can wear with anything!

Anonymous said...

i love faded band tees under a bright colored baggy cardigan, skinny jeans, and flats! its basically my lazy day uniform.

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