Thursday, July 23, 2009

Recent Purchase: AA Denim Legging



stilettolover91 said...

Those leggings are hot hot hot!!!

Chels said...

I love denim leggings! The perfect solution for wanting super skin tight skinny jeans :-)


Pretty cool :))

Jane said...

pretty hot leggings. These can also hide the fats of your thighs. It can make you look sexier than wearing a common denim pants.

Marcelina said...

Hi Christina!

I'm working with The Women's Mafia Social Club and we would like to extend you an invitation for an exclusive event on September 9th in NYC. It will be a curated group show in the home of the President of Finesse Diamonds. The fashion show features several independent designers who are looking to work more closely with stylists.

Will you be able to join us?

For any further information, you can access our website - - or send Marcy an e-mail - .

I hope to see you there!

SUGAR said...

the high waisted shiny leggings are the sex

i would marry them, if it wasnt frowned upon ;)


Lex said...

Dear Christina! I love your blog and all the amazing pictures you put on it! You really inspired me to start my blog! so here it is:

Thank you so much for being so inspiring!

womens dresses said...

I love denim leggings!!very cool

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Womens dresses said...

I love denim leegings!who though of that?it s a brilliant idea

workhard said...

Those look real confortable..

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prashant said...

These can also hide the fats of your thighs.

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