Saturday, April 10, 2010

My New Favorite Magazine: Glamour!

 I'm so excited about my new May 2010 issue of Glamour that I picked up from Rite Aid yesterday. To many of you, I'm a bit late but as you get older you start to discover new things that spark your interest. I usually buy ELLE , Teen Vogue, Nylon or Seventeen.  Since I'm no longer a teenager Teen Vogue doesn't really relate to me and I receive Seventeen in the mail.  So I decided to pick up Glamour this time. I was drawn to the cover at first, but  looking inside I was pleased with the content. This issue points out spring trends in beauty and fashion as well as advice for everyday life. Glamour is my new favorite magazine.

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laura ♥ said...

ohhh glamour is my all-time favourite magazine! love it! oddly i like the british one better than the american one though.. i don't know. it's more appealing. i tried subscribing but its not 7pounds like in the uk, it's something like 80. what the.. :(
gotta love glamous!